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BicYcle PATH that connects Mailath castle and Siklos fortress

BYPATH final conference held

The BYPATH Final Conference was held on December 20, 2018. All project partners participated in the conference. All activities carried out during the project are briefly presented. The official part of the conference was followed by a reception for all participants.

Bike race held as part of the project BYPATH

On October 13, 2018, a cycling event was held as part of the BYPATH project. The cycling started at 9am, in front of Mailath Castle in Donji Miholjac. After the gathering of cyclists, the procession started along the newly built cycle path towards the state border with the Republic of Hungary all the way to…
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Construction works of a bicycle path in Donji Miholjac have been completed

The construction of the bike path in Donji Miholjac has been completed. The construction of the bike path is co-financed by the INTERREG program, Cross-border Cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and Hungary. After 5 months of work, the cycle path is complete. We have yet to maintain a bicycle race and mount the equipment.


Last week, works began on the construction of a bicycle trail from the center of the city to the border with the Republic of Hungary. The contractor is the company Tehno-elektro d.o.o. from Đakovo. The works run on schedule and we hope that we will soon ride our bikes on the built path.  #HUHRcbc #WhereRiversConnect #Interreg #Cooperation  


The Mayor of Donji Miholjac Goran Aladic and the representative of the contracted company Tehnoelektro from Đakovo, member of the Management Board, Mr. Petar Prodanović, signed the Contract on Construction of the Bicycle Trail in Donji Miholjac. The bicycle trail will be built in Ljudevit Gaja Street, along the state road 53, until the border…
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Opening conference of the BYPATH project was held in Donji Miholjac

At the Mailath Castle in Donji Miholjac, the BYPATH Opening Conference -BicYcle PATH that connects Mailath castle and Siklos fortress was held. The conference was attended by representatives of Siklos – deputy mayor Janos Mikola, project manager Ibolya Balázsné Kréth, project manager Szilvia Ocs, representative of the Croatian national minority Timea Bockovac and Zoric Dragoslav,…
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