Opening conference of the BYPATH project was held in Donji Miholjac

BicYcle PATH that connects Mailath castle and Siklos fortress

At the Mailath Castle in Donji Miholjac, the BYPATH Opening Conference -BicYcle PATH that connects Mailath castle and Siklos fortress was held. The conference was attended by representatives of Siklos – deputy mayor Janos Mikola, project manager Ibolya Balázsné Kréth, project manager Szilvia Ocs, representative of the Croatian national minority Timea Bockovac and Zoric Dragoslav, director of the hotel Castello and Thermal Spa Siklos. Opening a conference, Mayor of Donji Miholjac, project manager Goran Aladic, highlighted that this project develop cooperation between the two cities again. Ivana Marić Špoljarić, project manager, pointed out that the main goal of linking the Mailath castle and fortress in Šikloš was to promote the cultural heritage of both project partners. The project will contribute in the short term to the development of tourism in the cross-border area, and in the long-term reduction of air pollution, will increase the sports activities of the population and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The BYPATH project is necessary for better cross-border cooperation in the area of ​​Donji Miholjac and Siklos. In recent years, cyclotourism is becoming more and more popular and cycling will be improved by building cycling routes, and we would like to better connect the people in the border area as part of this project is expected to build more than three kilometers of bike paths, two cycling booths, five bicycle stands, two sets of benches and tables, solar lamps and others – the project author clarified.

The project also includes training for three people for bike guides, marketing strategy development, maintenance of the Cyclo Art festival, reconstruction of bicycle paths between Harkány and Siklos and cycling park in Siklos, marking of signs and information boards, establishment of infoteca, setting up cycling holidays, making mobile applications, a bicycle conference and various other activities.

The project will last 16 months, to 31 December next year, its total value is 953.182,59 euros, of which EU co-finances 810.205 euros

. L. Aničić


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